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Birth Tub FAQ's

How soon should I make a reservation?

A month or three in advance works well. Avoid the stress of the last-minute reservation! *Reservations are required.

Is texting a good way to request a tub delivery?

No. Please call! If we don't answer (rare), please try until you reach us.


How long does it take you to reach me?

It could take up to an hour for us to get there after you call, but we strive to get there much sooner. If you have a history of fast labors or are driving a long way, discuss it with us and we may be able to make special arrangements.


How long does the tub take to set up and fill?

At home, about 1.5 hours unless you have on-demand hot water. At the hospital, about 45 minutes.


Will it bother you if I call in the middle of the night?

It's truly an honor to serve you at any hour. The only thing that makes your tub lady cry is when people put off calling until it is too late.


Should I give you a 'heads up' call or let you know if our due date changes?

We realize due dates change frequently and that babies aren't usually delivered on their due date. No need to call for a due date change but, if you are getting induced and know the date a heads up would be great so we can prepare our day around your tub delivery. 

When should I call for tub delivery?

Call when you are ready to take delivery of the tub. At the hospital, this is after you have been admitted; at home, a possible guideline is when your contractions are regular and about 5-6 mins apart. There will be a tub ready for you.


Are there any late fees or time limits?

No. It's there as long as you need it.

I want to do most of my labor at home. Can I still have a tub at the hospital?

Yes, BUT, beyond a certain point there is not going to be enough time to get evaluated and checked in, call for the tub and get it delivered and filled before your baby comes. Unfortunately, this point can only be guessed at. Seek advice from knowledgeable support people and be open to all the possibilities.


If I get admitted to the Birth Center, take delivery of the tub, and end up going home again still pregnant, will you redeliver the tub for free?

OK, no one asks me that because it's very rare, but yes, we will redeliver the tub for free. Tips are welcome.


What if I don't have my baby on my due date?

That's OK. There will still be a tub available for you. We will check in around 14 days past your due date to see if you delivered or have a plan for delivery. 


Do you ever run out of tubs?

No. Our tub inventory easily meets current demand.


To tarp or not to tarp during home deliveries? 

Some people opt to put a tarp under the tub. We haven't heard complaints from those who do not tarp but haven't heard complaints either from those who do. In most cases a flat sheet and strategic towels should provide adequate protection without being slippery. It's really up to you and what you feel comfortable with. Tarps are not provided with the rental. 


Other than payment, what do I need to have for a hospital birth?

We bring everything that is needed, but accessories you may want to personally purchase: pool socks, pool noodles, inflatables, and/or pillows. The hospital may require you to meet certain health criteria. Talk to your provider for more information. 

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